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You are being invited to take part in some questionnaires and tests for synesthesia and other mental processes. Below is the conduct code we are bound to. Please click the button below to say you’ve read this information and are happy to take part.


Your decision to take part is voluntary and you may refuse to take part any time during the test or refuse to answer any question. The purpose of our research is to advance knowledge about synesthesia and other mental processes, so we will process your personal information and test-responses to that end. When the test is done, you will be given an automated score (to suggest whether you may be synesthetic) and your details will enter into our secure database. From time to time we also re-contact certain people to take part in further studies, but participation is entirely voluntary and you are under no obligation to take part further. Once you finish the test we will not be able to withdraw your data, but we will handle your information in accordance with UK data protection legislation, subject to legal limitations. Your personal information (e.g., email) will remain strictly confidential and never be shared outside our research group, unless you first give permission. Without this, only de-identified (anonymised) data may be made available to other researchers. Our computer databases are password protected and kept on a secure server. Results are published statistically, with no personal identifying information. This research program is ongoing and your data will be held until it is no longer scientifically valuable or cannot reasonably be maintained. This study is run by the research groups of Prof D. Eagleman and Prof J. Simner (Universities of Stanford and Sussex). If you have ethical concerns, please contact the project supervisor [] or ethics chair []. This project has been reviewed by the IRB, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Tx (protocol number: H-20366) and by the Sussex SciTec Ethics Committee (Ref: ER/JCS41/33). Contact details of our Data Protection Officer, along with your right in respect of processing, are found here. You must be 18 or older to take part in this study. You can indicate your consent by clicking the Proceed button, and you can print a copy of this information for your records.

Proceeding indicates that you have fully understood the information above, and voluntarily agree to participate in this research study.

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